The Lodge On Lake Detroit Rain Garden Gallery

Minnesota Green Hotel Supports the Environment by Creating a Rain Garden

The Lodge on Lake Detroit opened in May of 2006 and because of our development’s close proximity to Big Detroit Lake, we were concerned about protecting our lake from run off. A typical treatment for run off is a settling pond which would have involved creating large, unattractive, deep holes surrounded by rocks on our property to hold water. Instead of a settling pond we decided to explore a rain garden alternative.

The rain gardens cover 5700 sq. ft. of our property and contain several thousand plants, most of which are native to Becker County, with the rest being native to Northern Minnesota. These plants allow water to seep into the ground through their root system. A typical settling pond holds water almost continuously, whereas our rain gardens are dry within 24 hours of a rainfall. In addition to their contribution to the ecology of the lake, the gardens also create visually interesting and appealing scenery for our guests.

Our Lakeshore Restoration project, started in June 2007 and completed in June 2008, encompassing 400 feet of our total 550 feet of shoreline. There is a total of 11,250 sq. ft. of area that has been planted bringing the total native plants on our property to approximately 10,000. Our exterior gardens enhance our ecological initiatives at The Lodge on Lake Detroit. As a steward of the land on which our hotel stands, there is great satisfaction in knowing that we are helping to preserve the past and future environment of Big Detroit Lake.

The Lodge On Lake Detroit- Environmentally Friendly Minnesota Green Hotel!