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Treat someone special with a Gift Card from The Lodge

Gift Cards from The Lodge make the perfect gift for any occasion. Besides the “one size fits all” convenience, they can be redeemed for products or services at The Lodge as desired.

Spa Gift Cards - Lodge on Lake Detroit

Gift Card Features:

  • Pickup at Hotel – or . . .
  • Send directly to recipient – or to you
  • Gift Card has NO EXPIRATION DATE
  • Minimum $50 – Select amount from list

Ordering Instructions:

  • Specify name & address of recipient (if sent to other than you).
  • Specify amount (minimum $50).
  • Indicate how Gift Card is to be delivered.
  • Specify who the Gift Card is to be signed by.

Redemption Procedures:

  • Use Gift Card for any Spa charges.
  • Gift Card must be presented in person for credit.

CALL TO ORDER: 218-847-1895